Keep going a**hole

Dear car-driving-in-front-of-me-this-morning,

Hi. I understand that you like to drive safely... who doesn't? It's part of being a loyal citizen after all. However, there is a small critique that I need to tell you.

IF THERE IS NO STOP SIGN, YOU DO NOT STOP! Do you understand that concept? If we pass through a street (let's say it's a neighborhood... like this morning) and there is NO STOP SIGN (none, nada, ZIP!) then that means you KEEP GOING instead of stopping. When you decide to stop, three things could/do happen:

1. I could possibly rear end you and guess whose "fault" it would be? ...... ding ding ding! MINE!
2. You make people (like me) late for class/work/meetings, etc because they are forced to stop.
3. You are actually not achieving your goal as a "safe" driver because... well, see #1.

I hope this letter finds you well and I can't wait to see you again on the road!


The b*tch behind you

P.S. Oh! I almost forgot... if the sign says "25 miles/hour", that means that you do NOT go 15 miles/hour (see the reasons stated above).

Where the night's as sweet as wine...

I driving to Deer Valley tonight with Dan.

What is Deer Valley you may ask? It's a YMCA camp in Pennsylvania near Amish county. Basically, you are on the turnpike... you exit... you drive through zig-zaggy roads for almost an hour and you are there... Camp Deer Valley. Oh and it's "where the days are long and the night's as sweet as wine" -- part of the Deer Valley song.

Why is it so special to me? Well, my family discovered it when my mom was preggers with me so my "first" time was around 1983. Since the first time, my family has gone annually without fail. We have always gone during Labor Day weekend but there are many other weekends/weeks to choose from. We use to go 3 times a year: one week in the summer, Labor Day weekend, and President's Day weekend for cross-country skiing.

Growing up it was always a blast. It has really only been the most consistent thing in my life from a child to an adult. It's a place where I know my way around and the people are always there. It's so fun to see people grow up in their different stages of life.

The year I graduated high school, I applied and worked on the summer staff which was a great experience. I had so much fun that summer but I do wish I would have waited until I was a little more mature. I could have added much more than I did that summer but I suppose you live and you learn, right?

Anyways, this weekend I will see my mom, her new husband (Dave), and Valerie (my younger sister). Dan and I are all set with snacks and wine... it's definitely going to be a weekend to remember! I am sad that Melanie and Nate won't be there but if they go they would probably stay in the cabin most of the time with Liam... not much fun for them!

I still need to pack for this weekend so I am going to go now. I will be back blogging once the weekend is over.





Unexpected Day Off

I was SUPPOSED to start practicum today but noooooo my new supervisor asked me to start NEXT Tuesday now (like it would be a problem with me?). So, I have the day off and right now, I am pleasurably drinking my coffee with fat free coffee mate AND fat free reddi whip... Oh, be jealous! It's my favorite thing to have on days off... just like starbucks... well, almost!

This weekend, I am going to a YMCA camp with my family. Yes, sounds nerdy doesn't it? Well, news-flash.. it's not! It's kinda like Dirty Dancing without the dresses and dancing (well, who knows). I basically "grew-up" there and they first time I went with the family, I was "literally" inside my mother. Ha.

This year is the third year that Dan gets to join! YAY! I emailed him the other day asking if we could make-out like teenagers on the dock near the lake.. I will let you know how that goes (wink). So this is exciting.

Things I want to try to accomplish today but I may be too lazy and tired to accomplish them all:
- grocery shop for DV (aka red wine and light snacks)
- drive to Baltimore (f-ing far!) to get fingerprinted
- go running (it's raining right now... so... yea... hopefully that will happen)
- clean out the rat cages
- get the travel cages ready for tomorrow
- pack
- do my toenails a bright pretty summery color (because summer is slowly drifting away...)
- figure out what books I still need for this semester... eek!

Awesome! Okay I will talk to you later!



First day of school...

Today was my first day back at school. It was long and I literally got no sleep last night but it was still fun. It was fun because I got to see my classmates again (there is only 6 of us so we have become a small family) and see other's as well.

This semester, I am taking five classes all day Monday's and Wednesdays, and on Friday's I just have a three hour morning class. On top of that, I am working 10-11 hours every week (during business hours) and I have practicum at an elementary school all-day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yikes. Oh and that doesn't include the homework, reading, supervision, and writing my reports outside of practicum (I doubt I'll have time during the day). In other words, I am pretty damn busy this semester but I am going to continue this blog. Hopefully someday I'll get some regular readers... and they will write comments... IS ANYONE READING THIS?

Hopefully most of my blogs will be an optimistic approach/attitude but by looking at my schedule and the stressors that are sure to come, I can't guarantee that.

Oh and on a sad note, Meredith my roommate is sick :-( I am trying to make sure she is comfortable no matter what I do she just seems uncomfortable and depressed. Pray that she gets better!

More later,


Best Liquid Eye Liner EVER!

As you know by now, I love makeup. Also, I am always looking for the best of everything. So far in my life, I have always been envious of those who can make perfect lines of liquid eyeliner and I've always tried to find the best brand and everything. I always use Urban Decay for my eye shadow, but more recently (and after many convincing trips to Sephora and Sephora.com), I bought the Urban Decay Liquid Liner in perversion which is a matte black. I wore it this weekend for the first time and let me say that I made NO mistakes applying it. This liner is really fool-proof! It may take you a couple times to get it perfect the first time, but trust me when I say that it is worth your $18.00!

Do you have any other liners you prefer?


Turn Signals

Why don't people use their turn signals? Like really, is it that difficult? Have we become such a nation in which we will look all around the house for the remote and neglect to just walk up and turn the TV on?? ARE WE THAT LAZY? I am sick of it. It's just a flick of the finger (not the bad flick!) and you have turn signal on. SIMPLE.


School starts on Monday. Triple Ugh. I am trying to stay positive though because optimism is all I have! If I start out as pessimistic then where does that get me? So, in order to stay positive, I am going to list some positive ideas about this up and coming year:

- Despite the REALLY LONG DRIVE (eek, pessimism! Sorry!), I am really excited about my practicum site which is at an elementary school with deaf children mainstreamed.

- I get to see my classmates again!

- I get to follow a schedule. I like following schedules.

- This is my third semester which means I only have one more semester of classes left before internship!

- We get to learn counseling skills.

Okay, well that's all I can think of now. If I think of more, I'll let you know.





Did I really have to eat like shit for the past 2 weeks? No, I guess I didn't but, guess what? I DID. Now I feel like shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Last night, I stayed over at Dan and at around 1am, I started feeling this AWFUL pain in my upper abdomen. It was the worst pain ever and it lasted until about 5am. Around 4am, I ended up waking Dan up (I felt bad because he had to work in the morning and I was trying to avoid waking him up) and he stayed up with me for about 45 minutes. He gave me some pepto bizmo (I always think of that dance commercial for it.. HAHAHAHAHA) and I took 2 shots. I ended up feeling better and then I slept until 11:30 at his house and woke up in a huff because I had a lot I wanted to accomplish today (which I still haven't!).

Anyways, right now I am cooking mac and cheese (I didn't have milk but I borrowed Meredith's - THANKS ROOMMATE!) and hopefully that will make me feel better...

I am sad basically. I always hate coming back to reality after visiting my family. I know it's pathetic but I miss them so much. I am envious of people who live close to their family. I know some of my friends in VA have their parents closeby and they are always getting lunch/shopping with their mom's and I hope they know how nice they have it! Okay... really, enough bitching. Man, all I'm doing today is complaining! I really do have many blessings in my life. I just have to remind myself.


Thank You Baby Liam!

I am in Ohio visiting my family so I apologize about my lack of postings! As I sit here, I am realizing that this trip has been very peaceful as opposed to other trips back home. It can be difficult to come home after being on your own. Sometimes, I walk in the door and somehow change back to a little girl and can complain and be annoying easily. This trip was different somehow.

I think a lot of it has to do with my new nephew. My sister Melanie had a baby boy on June 11, 2008 and I just met him for the first time! It's cute because my family is forever transformed. No longer is there loudness and immaturity in this house. It has been replaced by a peaceful environment (how can you NOT be peaceful with this beautiful baby sleeping in the family room?). I really think that thanks to Liam (my nephew), our family is peaceful, more joyful, and more thankful of life.

Another observation has been seeing my sister be a mother. It is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Dan was here too and observed "I have never seen Melanie so happy." He is very right. She smiles all the time and really lives for him now. She is working so hard to make sure that his every need is fulfilled and every possible obstacle is prevented (she made me PURELL my hands as soon as I walked in the house).

That's all for now. I am going to go cuddle with Liam :-)



Mmmm... Melting Pot!


The waiter asked if we wanted a small or a large... shit, if we're going to do this, let's do it up riiight! :-) We ordered the s'more one and it was amazing! Totally recommend it.

While we were waiting for our food, Dan gave me my birthday gift which was a Coach wallet! (OMG) and a GPS for my car! (OMGx2).

This has been an amazing birthday. I am going home tomorrow to see my family and it will only get better!



Today is my 24th year young birthday! Woo-hoo!

This day has really been great so far. My last day of work was today and it was nice... my boss even took my co-worker and I out for Italian for lunch! I got meat lasagna and it was FAB-U-LOUS! AHH... So that was fun chillin with her (she's a trip!).

Now I am waiting for Dan to get here. He is surprising me with a night out somewhere... not sure where but I've TRIED to figure it out like woah! Here are the facts:

- He's picking me up at 8
- He told me to eat something small - like a sandwich (which I did, it was Quizno's and it was the AMAZING Italian sub - yum!)
- There are no clothing requirements so that REALLY confuses me and, as you can guess, I am stressing about what to wear...

Really, I have no clue. BUT I will let you know when I return! Or.. tomorrow.. either way, I'll let you know! :-) :-)


P.S. Dan's pressie came in the mail today! (His b-day is on the 17th!)... SO EXCITED TO GIVE IT TO HIM!


Dinner and friends

Tonight, my classmate/friend Gavin and his fiance, Kelly, invited Dan and I over for dinner. It was really nice of them both and the food was delish! Kelly is an excellent cook and I know this because tonight's dinner was good and previous food from her (from parties and stuff) has always been good!

Today was a good day I suppose. I'm ubber exhausted so I hope to hit the hay soon. I officially have TWO DAYS LEFT OF WORK and then I go to Ohio to visit with the family! Whee! I'm really excited... I just need to get away from this city and go be with my family. I will also meet the newest member of our family - Liam - who is my beautiful nephew (helloooo Aunt J!). I'm pretty stoked about this!

Bye for now,



Hello to everyone who isn't reading this,

Confession 1: I am on Weight Watchers and have been since, um, January! So far I have fluctuated between 10-15 pounds of weight loss.

Confession 2: I had a Mcdonald's cheeseburger, small fry, and an m&m McFlurry tonight... this is such a confession that I haven't even told my boyfriend!

You see I have the type of body that can tell if I've eaten something bad. I may gain wait actually or my pants fit tightly. Either way, I can tell. Yes, I know what you're thinking... maybe it's all in my head but I do not think that's true. I think there are some people out there (like me) that really has to watch what they eat.

Tonight, I had a downfall. Well, this whole week and summer have been downfalls as far as my eating/exercising. Let me back up. Last spring, I trained for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and got pretty far in my training but I learned that I should have NEVER scheduled a race at the end of the semester - NEVER. I got SO busy that I couldn't get the long runs in, let alone, the short ones! So obviously, I didn't complete the race but still felt amazing anyways. This summer I wanted to get back into running but that hasn't happened. I am trying to figure out the art of waking up early but it just hasn't happened and by the time work is over, I'm just done for the day and crash. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Actually, I think I know what my problem is: I go to sleep too late. That's it! That's why I can't wake up early - duh. I have always been a night person though which is difficult. Even now as I write this, it's 12:19am and I should be getting my arse to bed.

Enough for my rant for the evening. Off to bed for my beauty sleep where I will wake up fabulously glamorous! Ha... that's what my mascara is for...



Crepe's anyone??

This week is my last week of work people!

Basically, I work as a research associate this summer... aka, staring at numbers and trying to have them form some kind of meaning. Not fun.

Devil's Advocate: I did learn a lot and met awesome people!

My co-worker took me and my other research associate co-worker out for lunch and GUESS WHAT WE GOT? CREPES! The restaurant we went to makes crepes! First we ordered from the "Savory Menu" where I ordered a crepe with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic (loove garlic!), pesto, and feta cheese. It was amazing and I did not think it could get any better until we ordered DESSERT. It was strawberry, raspberry, and CHOCOLATE. I kinda wanted banana too, but since we were sharing, I didn't say much about it. Either way, it was INCREDIBLE!

I love mascara.

I do. It's true! I feel that whenever I go somewhere, I always have to be wearing mascara - especially if I'm too lazy to do anything else (which is rare, but totally happens). That's why I named my blog "wearing mascara". I hope you like the title and hopefully it will fit with my content.

Things about me:

- I am in graduate school and that's the most important thing right now!
- I've secretly always dreamed of blogging
- If I go to the mall, I have to either
a) turn my head away from Sephora or
b) go in and allow myself at least 2 hours
- I have pet... rats! I know. It's crazy but seriously, stop the discrimination of ratties and give them a chance! (geez, maybe I should have waited until the next post before I admitted my rat obsession?) Oh well.
- I am a brunette
- I have a kick-ass boyfriend named Dan
- I live in DC


I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will have fun writing it!