First day of school...

Today was my first day back at school. It was long and I literally got no sleep last night but it was still fun. It was fun because I got to see my classmates again (there is only 6 of us so we have become a small family) and see other's as well.

This semester, I am taking five classes all day Monday's and Wednesdays, and on Friday's I just have a three hour morning class. On top of that, I am working 10-11 hours every week (during business hours) and I have practicum at an elementary school all-day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yikes. Oh and that doesn't include the homework, reading, supervision, and writing my reports outside of practicum (I doubt I'll have time during the day). In other words, I am pretty damn busy this semester but I am going to continue this blog. Hopefully someday I'll get some regular readers... and they will write comments... IS ANYONE READING THIS?

Hopefully most of my blogs will be an optimistic approach/attitude but by looking at my schedule and the stressors that are sure to come, I can't guarantee that.

Oh and on a sad note, Meredith my roommate is sick :-( I am trying to make sure she is comfortable no matter what I do she just seems uncomfortable and depressed. Pray that she gets better!

More later,