Did I really have to eat like shit for the past 2 weeks? No, I guess I didn't but, guess what? I DID. Now I feel like shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Last night, I stayed over at Dan and at around 1am, I started feeling this AWFUL pain in my upper abdomen. It was the worst pain ever and it lasted until about 5am. Around 4am, I ended up waking Dan up (I felt bad because he had to work in the morning and I was trying to avoid waking him up) and he stayed up with me for about 45 minutes. He gave me some pepto bizmo (I always think of that dance commercial for it.. HAHAHAHAHA) and I took 2 shots. I ended up feeling better and then I slept until 11:30 at his house and woke up in a huff because I had a lot I wanted to accomplish today (which I still haven't!).

Anyways, right now I am cooking mac and cheese (I didn't have milk but I borrowed Meredith's - THANKS ROOMMATE!) and hopefully that will make me feel better...

I am sad basically. I always hate coming back to reality after visiting my family. I know it's pathetic but I miss them so much. I am envious of people who live close to their family. I know some of my friends in VA have their parents closeby and they are always getting lunch/shopping with their mom's and I hope they know how nice they have it! Okay... really, enough bitching. Man, all I'm doing today is complaining! I really do have many blessings in my life. I just have to remind myself.