Today is my 24th year young birthday! Woo-hoo!

This day has really been great so far. My last day of work was today and it was nice... my boss even took my co-worker and I out for Italian for lunch! I got meat lasagna and it was FAB-U-LOUS! AHH... So that was fun chillin with her (she's a trip!).

Now I am waiting for Dan to get here. He is surprising me with a night out somewhere... not sure where but I've TRIED to figure it out like woah! Here are the facts:

- He's picking me up at 8
- He told me to eat something small - like a sandwich (which I did, it was Quizno's and it was the AMAZING Italian sub - yum!)
- There are no clothing requirements so that REALLY confuses me and, as you can guess, I am stressing about what to wear...

Really, I have no clue. BUT I will let you know when I return! Or.. tomorrow.. either way, I'll let you know! :-) :-)


P.S. Dan's pressie came in the mail today! (His b-day is on the 17th!)... SO EXCITED TO GIVE IT TO HIM!