Where the night's as sweet as wine...

I driving to Deer Valley tonight with Dan.

What is Deer Valley you may ask? It's a YMCA camp in Pennsylvania near Amish county. Basically, you are on the turnpike... you exit... you drive through zig-zaggy roads for almost an hour and you are there... Camp Deer Valley. Oh and it's "where the days are long and the night's as sweet as wine" -- part of the Deer Valley song.

Why is it so special to me? Well, my family discovered it when my mom was preggers with me so my "first" time was around 1983. Since the first time, my family has gone annually without fail. We have always gone during Labor Day weekend but there are many other weekends/weeks to choose from. We use to go 3 times a year: one week in the summer, Labor Day weekend, and President's Day weekend for cross-country skiing.

Growing up it was always a blast. It has really only been the most consistent thing in my life from a child to an adult. It's a place where I know my way around and the people are always there. It's so fun to see people grow up in their different stages of life.

The year I graduated high school, I applied and worked on the summer staff which was a great experience. I had so much fun that summer but I do wish I would have waited until I was a little more mature. I could have added much more than I did that summer but I suppose you live and you learn, right?

Anyways, this weekend I will see my mom, her new husband (Dave), and Valerie (my younger sister). Dan and I are all set with snacks and wine... it's definitely going to be a weekend to remember! I am sad that Melanie and Nate won't be there but if they go they would probably stay in the cabin most of the time with Liam... not much fun for them!

I still need to pack for this weekend so I am going to go now. I will be back blogging once the weekend is over.