I love mascara.

I do. It's true! I feel that whenever I go somewhere, I always have to be wearing mascara - especially if I'm too lazy to do anything else (which is rare, but totally happens). That's why I named my blog "wearing mascara". I hope you like the title and hopefully it will fit with my content.

Things about me:

- I am in graduate school and that's the most important thing right now!
- I've secretly always dreamed of blogging
- If I go to the mall, I have to either
a) turn my head away from Sephora or
b) go in and allow myself at least 2 hours
- I have pet... rats! I know. It's crazy but seriously, stop the discrimination of ratties and give them a chance! (geez, maybe I should have waited until the next post before I admitted my rat obsession?) Oh well.
- I am a brunette
- I have a kick-ass boyfriend named Dan
- I live in DC


I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will have fun writing it!