Unexpected Day Off

I was SUPPOSED to start practicum today but noooooo my new supervisor asked me to start NEXT Tuesday now (like it would be a problem with me?). So, I have the day off and right now, I am pleasurably drinking my coffee with fat free coffee mate AND fat free reddi whip... Oh, be jealous! It's my favorite thing to have on days off... just like starbucks... well, almost!

This weekend, I am going to a YMCA camp with my family. Yes, sounds nerdy doesn't it? Well, news-flash.. it's not! It's kinda like Dirty Dancing without the dresses and dancing (well, who knows). I basically "grew-up" there and they first time I went with the family, I was "literally" inside my mother. Ha.

This year is the third year that Dan gets to join! YAY! I emailed him the other day asking if we could make-out like teenagers on the dock near the lake.. I will let you know how that goes (wink). So this is exciting.

Things I want to try to accomplish today but I may be too lazy and tired to accomplish them all:
- grocery shop for DV (aka red wine and light snacks)
- drive to Baltimore (f-ing far!) to get fingerprinted
- go running (it's raining right now... so... yea... hopefully that will happen)
- clean out the rat cages
- get the travel cages ready for tomorrow
- pack
- do my toenails a bright pretty summery color (because summer is slowly drifting away...)
- figure out what books I still need for this semester... eek!

Awesome! Okay I will talk to you later!