BravoTV Rants and Raves (Spoiler alert!)

Hello Reality TV lovers!

Project Runway:

I love Project Runway but I am not too obsessed with this season. I feel like the contestants are not as interesting as they have been in the past (umm Austin, Santino, Chris... need I say more?).

This brings me to Kenley. I CANNOT believe that she wasn't kicked off this week! She was terrible and COMPLETELY missed the concept!

It makes me wonder two things:

1. Is Kenley really a b*tch or are they portraying her that way because the contestants are not too interesting this season?

2. With #1 in mind, did they keep her on just because she causes drama and therefore higher ratings?

Don't get me wrong, Suede is not my favorite either but he should not have been kicked off. Kenley was way off AND rude to Tim! You just don't do that.

Tabitha's Salon Takeover:

I just have to say that this is the FUNNIEST show ever. Dan and I watch it together (I make him but I think he really likes it) and we laugh our asses off! Tabitha is so funny and always right on point! If you haven't tried this show out yet, please do - you won't be sorry!