Purses, OMG, Purses

TGIF everyone!

So, one of my favorite radio stations is doing this Pick-A-Purse giveaway. I am so obsessed and I'm going to do EVERYthing to try and win this:

It's a Versace Pleated Patent Tote in Black. Oh man, it's a beauty. I seriously can't handle it. I mean, I guess if this one is gone, I can try for some other beauties like this:

Dolce & Gabbana Racquel Convertible Shopper
or this:

Kate Spade Belmont Vertical Tote

They have specific times that you have to call in to try for one. I even texted them to "remind" me to call in (like I'll forget, but you never know!).

What's funny is that there are SO many purses to choose from and this beauty (along with the Dolce, Kate Spade, and other gems) is still there! People have picked ones that... well... aren't quite as good :-) Which is fine. Let me have the Versace ($1,600 purse!) please. Not you. Me.

I will keep you updated! Wish me LUCK! :-)