Saturday Lunch and Buys

Hi all,

Saturday, I decided to meet my two lovely friends, R and L for lunch at the fabulous Tyson's Corner! I should have known before meeting them that, DUH, it wasn't JUST going to be for lunch because we usually shop afterwards... it could go something like this:

"chat, chat, chat during lunch..."

"Thanks for the bill..."

*looking around at each other*

"So... what are you guys doing now?"

"Okay, let's shop."

I love shopping with R and L because they shop just like me. In and out, in and out until we see something interesting, then we stop. We only really, really look if someone might actually buy something, which is great!

Here are my top buys:

Laila Rowe:

Red purse... only $18! Perfect for when you wear a neutral outfit and want to add a pop of color!

Sephora, OMFG, Sephora (yea, like I would really go to Tyson's and not shop there...):

My goal at Sephora yesterday was to find: eye cream for night use, eye cream for day use with a HIGH spf, a primer, and possibly NARS lipgloss...

I succeeded all goals except I didn't buy the lipgloss because I couldn't find a shade that I really wanted and, frankly, I didn't have the patience to try it all on because it was a Saturday afternoon and it was busy! I will go back when it's less-chaotic.

I did find the eye stuff though. I asked for recommendations from many people and decided to go the cheaper route with the Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32 ($30), Bliss All Around Eye Cream ($28) and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($16 and was on the Best of Sephora list!)

Oh and I also HAD TO TRY the Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio in On Stage ($28) and Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil in a small container that they had for only $13.

I spent a lot. But it was well worth it because these products will LAST me ages and are good for my skin. As R put it, "they are an investment" - I gotta make sure I don't become wrinkly!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Sunday!