Meat Eater

I can't not say anything much longer. My friend Brandi is right. It is wrong and a contradiction to:

a) be an animal lover (I am)

b) and eat meat (I do)

Just so you're fully aware: I eat meat. I love it. I LOVE cheese and don't get me started about ice cream. I really love it all. I can't say that I am ready for the transformation yet but I am almost there. Go over to Brandi's blog and see what she says.

There is so much involved with this. I really struggle with it everyday - I'm not lying. When I eat meat, I always think about where it came from and how inhumane those facilities are so I know I have an emotional connection but there are so many things around me that are not supportive in this. What would I eat? How expensive is it to "switch over"? These are answers that I am just not sure about yet and I'm damn scared. I obviously have more thinking to do and call me a hypocrite for continuing to eat meat, but I am being completely honest. I know I am contradicting myself and I need to see if I have it in myself to go a step further.

Last summer, I actually did try vegetarianism - it lasted only a week. ONE WEEK. Two things happened:

1. I wasn't fulfilled (I craved chicken fajitas!)

2. I felt faint (maybe I wasn't eating enough protein?)

A possibility could be that I start with eliminating meat products in general? Experiment with tofu? Make small changes until I know that I am ready? Keep dairy products (for now)?

There are so many questions.