My Favorite Mascara

Hello all,

I think it's time to reveal my favorite mascara. Thank you to Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls for asking!

This mascara has been very good to me through thick and thin. I have gotten many compliments and despite my love affair with all things Sephora, I have to say that Maybelline New York Great Lash Washable Curved Brush Mascara in blackest black is my favorite.

I like this mascara because it goes on as thick or thin as I want it to (really, as THICK as I want it too!) but still manages to look natural and not clumpy. I love the curved brush too because it goes on easier than the regular. Oh and it's "America's #1 mascara" so why wouldn't you try it?

Of course, this mascara would not be complete if I did not use eyelash curler BEFORE applying the mascara (who wants a curler with black-mascara-gunk all over it anyways?).

What is your favorite mascara and why?

Until next time,