Trends Can Suck

I love fashion. I cannot always afford it but I definitely love it. I also like reading up on trends in my fashion magazines and online. Many times, however, I will look just to see what I should NOT be wearing. Basically, trends are just not for me. If everyone is wearing it, then I more then likely do not want to wear it. I mean, if you are looking at a group of 10 girls and they are all wearing black, how do you see their individuality? But, if there is ONE redhead... then you would notice her because of her individuality.

One person I really admire in fashion is Kate Hudson. She has such an individual sense of style and says that she "wears whatever is comfortable." She always manages to look great too. I also read that she doesn't like trends and that she runs away from them. This is probably difficult considering she is a celebrity and can't help NOT being a trend setter!

Here are my guidelines for always dressing for myself and NOT the trends:

- Add color as you feel fit. It doesn't matter what color is in season, it matters on your mood! I am typically a happy person and when I am feeling really happy, I will wear bright colors like orange or green. If I wear a color that just-so-happens to be a trend, then, whatever.

- Wear clothes that remind you of previous experiences - like a tattoo. I recently became a huge scarf wearer. I know this is kinda trendy right now, but I don't care. This past summer, I went to Israel and bought tons of scarves because they are so huge there. I am continuing to wearing them and consider them fabric-jewelry.

- Dress realistically and comfortably. If I know I am going to be running around like a mad-woman all day, I'm not going to wear the latest heels. And guess what? If peep-toe (for example) is in season and they are not comfortable on my feet (a total lie, this is just an example!), you will not see me wearing them!

- Consider the 80's... big poofy dresses, big poofy/hairsprayee hair... You've seen the pictures and you've laughed. Those people gave into trends and guess what? They did not hold out to 2008. I would much rather look back in time and KNOW that I was dressing for myself and not other people. Let people laugh then.