Apple Computers: A Nerdy Girl's Perspective


With the holidays coming around, I know many of your are considering asking for a new computer! A year ago, I worked full time at Apple, Inc in Virginia and I learned many things along the way!

Growing up, I was always a Window person because that was part of my environment. My whole family used PC's, only to have one problem after another. The last straw for me was in mid-college. I had a new HP laptop and just after 6 months, I was sick and tired of it. Why do I have to keep updating it? What's with all these viruses? What's a girl to do? I didn't have time to sit there and wait for it to fix itself or to lose my work.

So, with that said, here are my TOP reasons to get a Mac and save yourself from a traumatic technological event:

1. It has Time Machine. What is Time Machine you may ask? Basically, it's the best program in the universe to save your stuff. We have all that data floating around in our computer thinking that it's safe, but guess what? It's not.

I know what you're thinking: "Well, if Apple is so great, then why would I lose my stuff to begin with?" Yes, I get you, you think Apple machines have super powers and nothing happens to them... WRONG. You can spill your coffee on them, you can drop them, your dog could pee on them, etc... there are many things that could happen. Also, let's not forget the simple fact that these are machines. Regardless, they are not perfect!

You need to back up your data if only for your peace of mind. Think about it: You are working on your PhD thesis when all the sudden...... "OMG OMG OMG, I SPILLED MY DIET COKE ALL OVER MY COMPUTER!" What's a girl to do? Well, if your data is backed up, then you can simply go to the Apple Store and confidently tell them to do whatever they need to do to fix it! Yea, I know it would stink if you had to buy a new computer or pay for parts... but at least your GRADUATE DISSERTATION is safe! Oh and let's not forget your precious photos, musics, LIFE...

2. Apple Care: Since we already touched on why Time Machine is so important, let's discuss your machine itself. Apple Care is basically insurance for your computer. Let's say, (with it being a machine and all) you wake up one morning and your computer isn't turning on. Nothing is happening! AHHH...

If you had Apple Care, you would know to just relax (especially if your data is backed up! See #1). Take it easy... just go online and make a FREE appointment with your local Apple Store genius and they will fix your computer (assuming there is no cosmetic damage making them think that you dropped it) for FREE. Oh, and guess what? They don't send your computer out (unless there is something really difficult to fix or they do not have a part) and instead do it right in the back of the store. They fix it THERE and typically, you have it back within days! This makes me really, really happy!

Wait.. wait.. what if you never listened to me and didn't get the Apple Care? What would happen then? Basically, it would be your expense to pay to fix your computer. They could still fix it in the back and everything if needed, but it would cost you money for parts and labor. HOWEVER, an appointment with a Genius at the Genius bar is FREE! So, you could go (set up an appointment online) and consult with a Genius to hear your options. PERFECT!

3. All Mac's have a camera built-in: This is just fabulous. You can video chat with friends and family... you can take pictures of yourself... you can use it as a mirror to put on makeup... the list goes on!

4. It's a joy to work on: After you go through the learning curve of learning a new system, the mac just becomes much more fun to use! Simple tasks such as checking your email, blogs, and websites is easier and more fun! You also don't have virus warnings every two seconds... which brings me to #5.

5. Mac's just don't get viruses! I know you don't believe me (unless you have a Mac) but they simply do not get viruses! Here's why:

Mac's underlying layer is "permissions-based" which is unlike a PC. This means that every time a Mac wants to install something from the internet, it will ask you for your user name a password. Even if you give your username and password to a "virus", you still won't get one. One of my friends at Apple has about 6 Mac's lying around his house and one day, he decided to try and get a virus on his computer (he was just that type of person... just liked to play with technology!) and he could not. He is VERY good with computers too - he is a Mac Genius himself!

6. In the long run, they are worth the initial price tag. Most people are hesitant to buy a Mac because they are expensive. I can tell you that they are well worth it. With PC's, you end up having so many problems (viruses, repairs, frustrations, your mental health!) that the price tag at the beginning is no big deal.

7. Mac's are beautiful: They really are! They have clean lines, beautiful colors and the laptops are light and easy to carry around. The desktops are so simple and so easy to set up. Apple products are just pretty to look at.

8. It's environmentally friendly

Buying Tips:
- If you are a student, use your student discount! Just bring your Student ID to your local Apple Store and they will give you the discount. If you are not a student, find a friend who is and bring her/him and their Student ID with you to your local Apple Store. OR, buy online through the education website. SIMPLE!

- Please, please, PLEASE buy Apple Care! You don't have to buy it when you get your computer though. When you buy your computer, it automatically comes with 1-year of FREE coverage. When you buy Apple Care, it then extends that coverage to 3-years from the date of purchase. If you cannot afford Apple Care when you first buy your computer, don't fret. You can buy it WITHIN that first year (BRING A STUDENT ID FOR A DISCOUNT!). Do not forget - write it on your calendar! You do not want to have your computer break and not have Apple Care!

- Buy refurbished! If you cannot afford or don't want to buy a NEW computer, buy a refurbished Mac! It comes with the same coverage (and you can buy Apple Care for it) as a new computer does!

- Check out Apple during Black Friday. As I recall, last year they had discounts of about $300 off!

I hope this helps! Feel free to email me with questions. I am not an expert nor a Mac Genius, but I can try to help. I can also try to help you figure out which computer to buy for your specific needs... just email me or leave a comment. If there are enough questions, I will make another post about the different specs and what they mean (if you don't already know).



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