Are You Serious?

Hello loves!

Today I had class as usual and something funny happened.

At the beginning of class, our (serious) professor said, "Remind me to update you all about ATT - do you know what that is?"

We all look around, bewildered and shake our heads no. We then proceed to go on with our individual presentations as planned.

Once we were finished, she said "Okay, now I want to update you on ATT which means Alternative Transcript (something... not sure what the 'T' word was). As graduate students and close to graduating, we were intrigued. She then went on to say something like this:

"Well, basically, this is only for programs approved under NCATE (an accreditation agency) and since we are NCATE, this effects us. Basically, another department is having trouble with their graduate students. You all know that you can only get 1 C in graduate school right? (we nod) Well, the graduate students in another department are getting more than 1 C and therefore, under NCATE, they can't have two C's on their transcripts which means that for accreditation purposes, those students will TAKE one of YOUR C's. If you are getting straight A's, it may come up on your transcript that you have a C because one of those students had to take your A."

We all start looking around freaking out and start protesting. I said something like, "But Dr. ****, I want to get my Ph.D. after this and many programs will LOOK at my transcripts! If I have a C that I did not earn, how is that fair? How is it legal?"

It went back and forth to the point of almost inappropriateness. I was worried she was going to be mad at us for protesting! Then... out of NO WHERE... she starts laughing and says,

"I just wanted to see how you all felt about being a Democrat. This is why you should vote Republican tomorrow so nothing is just taken from you."

I was shocked. Utterly shocked... literally shaking! (Oh and I am voting for McCain so it was never an issue). I never thought she had that practical joke/prank inside of her! She was so convincing! Either way, I don't think it was right that she put her opinions on us (even though I agree) but it was still funny none-the-less.

Then, a complete contrast, I went to my next class where my professor preached about Obama.



P.S. Don't forget to make an INFORMED DECISION and VOTE TOMORROW! :-)