This whole weekend has been incredibly busy. I volunteered at a conference all-day on Friday and Saturday and have not had much time to myself. Thank you for bearing with me and for all the sweet comments on my previous post.

When I sat down to write this post, it was going to be about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, but I just couldn't give it my all so that post will have to wait until later this week. Many things have happened in this past week both in my personal and school life and I want to share them on this blog, but at the same time, I just want to leave the problems and move on and I hope you can understand that. I will, however, leave some of the lessons I have learned in the past week:

- I should not be so trusting of people. I have the problem of when I meet someone, I automatically trust them. For now on, I will have my guard up more.

- Sometimes, I should not trust myself. This week, I did something terribly wrong and against who I am as a person. I learned from it and I plan to move on, but at the time, I trusted in myself that what I was doing was "okay" and it clearly was not. In the process, the problem became bigger than I could ever imagined.

- It is important to leave problems and then come back to them. They will pass and you will grow from them.

- I cannot control how others see me, I can only control my reactions.

I hope you can tell from this post that I am deeply troubled as to what happened this past week. It was something that I was in full control of on my end and I let it happen anyway. I was wrong, very wrong. I know that I will move past it and only become a better person, but right now, it is very difficult. I am looking forward to the day when I can pass this story down to my children or my grandchildren so that they know that everyone makes mistakes and it doesn't mean that their life is over. It also does not mean that it will define me as a person.

Tonight, I am going over to Brandi's house for some vegan chili! I am very excited and thankful that I have plans tonight with a friend that I trust.

Happy Sunday everyone,