Wellies and My Inner Blair


So last night, instead of doing my work (baaaaad), I shopped with a little peer pressure from my friend Brandi. Here's what I found:

YELLOW WELLIES! More specifically: Chooka Honey Bee Waterproof Boots! Aren't they to die for? Oh and thanks to Retail Me Not, I found a coupon code for 20% off the Piperlime website! It's PVHBP7LR17JL and it expires on November 9th!

Also, you know when you see something you want and you think, no, no, you shouldn't buy that? Then, you wait a week... and you can't stop thinking about it? Well, Monograms and Manicures, told us about some awesome headbands with bows! I couldn't stop thinking about the black one all the way up to this weekend! Also, she posted a 20% discount! I decided to go for it and I got this:

...in black! Thanks Monograms and Manicures! I am now showing off my inner Blair! Oh and if you guys want the discount, head over to her blog NOW because it lasts only until TODAY!

Oh and one more thing... remember the coat I bought? Well, it CAME and fits perfectly! I wore it to Dan's movie premier and it's so cute! I did realize that I can't wear anything bulky underneath, but oh well! I usually don't wear bulky outfits. My favorite part is the sleeves!



P.S. Something exciting will be happening on my blog soon! Stay tuned! ;-)