Crazy Weekend!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I did not blog all weekend - I have been a very busy girl! Here's a recap:

As I mentioned before, Friday night I went to a Pampered Chef party! It was super fun! If you have not had one of these parties, I really recommend it. It seemed like the hostesses got a lot of benefits too. I would have one myself but my kitchen is a disaster area! Here are some pics:

Our party gal set out everything ahead of time in such a cute way! (Look at the tomatoes!)

This was the MOST amazing cheese grater ever. It was so easy to use!

YUM! Everything she made for us (we helped a little) was fabulous!

I ended up buying this Stoneware Large Bar Pan because I love pizza and our party gal made us pizza using this. It seriously tasted like it was from a restaurant! I cannot WAIT to make my own! (btw, making pizza is the PERFECT stay-at-home date!)

I also bought two other items which I do not want to share because they are holiday pressies :-) All in all, my Friday night was fab-u-lous. Great friends, great times... What did I do afterwards? I went over to Dan's new place! He moved into a house with two of his friends. His new place is great and very cozy! That night, we watched White Christmas, er, the first half of it because I got so sleepy that I fell asleep! Oh well, I don't think he minded :-)

Saturday morning I woke up VERY refreshed! I left Dan's and decided that I would give myself some much needed retail therapy at Tyson's Corner. Before I arrived, I decided to treat myself to Panera Bread. It was lovely - I walked in, ordered lunch and sat down with the Washington Post. When I finished eating, I was READY to embark on my shopping journey!

I, um, well... I went a TAD crazy. I, um.. spent a lot of money. I actually bought so much that I am afraid to post my items because of what you'll think of me! Haha! I will list some of them...okay?!

- 2 scarves (a red one from Urban Outfitters and a purple one from Nordy's)
- a turquoise sweater from Express
- REALLY cute LONG black arm warmers from Urban Outfitters (they don't have finger covers!)
- 2 Victoria's Secret bra's (totally needed them)
- 2 sweaters (a black one and a gray/white striped one) from American Eagle
- a green zip-up from H&M

See? Not too bad right?

Saturday night, my friends had a Thanksgiving Potluck! There was food, friends, and fun! Dan had a great time playing with his food:


Then... Sunday... aka, TODAY... I am utterly ashamed. Guess what I did? I stupidly convinced Dan to go to Norstrom's with me! (My second trip of the weekend!). There, I bought 4 shirts (ALL ON SALE, I SWEAR!) and... these:

OMG! I know what you're thinking... but really, it's OKAY because my mom is buying these for me for Christmas. I just bought them before the holiday's because I know they will probably sell out. Before, I wanted black but after a lot of thought (and a call to my fashionista-sister, V), I decided to go with the gray. You like?

Wow, I feel like this post has been a shopping confessional. Wow... I feel better. I hope I did the right thing buy buying all these items, but really, I haven't been shopping in ages! I needed clothes! Now, I can start focusing on OTHER PEOPLE!... aka, holiday shopping :-)



P.S. There is something UBER exciting happening on my blog tomorrow! Stay tuned! :-)