Just Drained

Hi all,

I am just drained. Purely drained. This week has been a terrible week and just so busy. I guess graduate school does that to a person. I am so busy that even though it's Friday night, it does not affect me at all. The only thing I am looking forward to is a mini-break during Thanksgiving, but even then, I'll have more work to do. I am trying to work ahead, but it's impossible because of the amount of work I have. Literally impossible and trust me, I am the first one to admit that I can procrastinate. I just cannot wait until this semester is done. I even have something to do tonight for school (due before midnight). Have I started it? No. Why? Because I was working on something else last night and I was busy all day in a conference. I really just want to cry. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am busy all day for school yet again (the conference that I was at today has another day tomorrow). I am happy to be in attendance, but it's just so difficult to focus especially when I desperately need sleep.

Thank you, readers, for letting me vent.

Trying to be optimistic... TGIF?