Email From My Dad

Hi all,

I got this email from my dad today and it was addressed to me and my sister's. With permission, I would like to share it with you:

Hi everyone, and Happy Holidays.

I've been thinking for some time about this (what I want for the holidays). I realize it's presumptuous to assume that you'll be getting me a gift, but that's been the case ever since each of you were old enough to do so! :)

Here's what I'm asking for: Take the amount you were roughly going to spend on me, cut it in half, and write me check for that amount. I am going to take your collective gifts and donate it in my name to the food bank (there are many worthy causes, but this is one I know something about)

I don't ask for this to make you or anyone else feel guilty for not doing the same. I think exchanging gifts is a wonderful and warm tradition. And, to let you in on a secret, I intend to buy each of you gifts! :)

It's really about the stage of life that each of us are in. I happen to be in a stage where I have most of what I need and so, rather than getting another, say, shirt, I'd rather take that money give something to people who really need it.

So let's not make a big deal of this; let's just try it, ok?

Thanks! I love you.


That email is a perfect example of how I was raised. My mother is the same way. Both of my parents are the most caring people in the world and have worked very hard in their lives for my sister's and I. I love them both!