Getting It Together

Hello readers!

I have decided that I need to get it together. Badly. School and everything in my life has made me not want to take care of myself or anything.

Want proof?

I am sitting here at my kitchen table and around me, you will find:

- Random shoes on my floor
- School books (in no order)
- Papers in a messy heap
- Taco Bell wrappers from my dinner tonight (and no, it was not all fresco-style)
- 5 (yes, 5) pizza boxes from both Pizza Hut and Papa Johns
- 4 beer bottles, 1 beer can (not all mine... they were from playing Scrabble this weekend with Dan and my roommate and I still haven't cleaned them up)
- 2 boxes in my line of vision: One box from my yellow wellies and my headband (UM... that was awhile ago and I know that because I blogged about them! Ugh!)
- Magazines on my counter
- Dishes piling up

There. I figure that the first step is admitting the problem right? Ugh, Ugh, triple ugh.

I need to regroup... I need to not eat and live so unhealthy! It's funny... I am on Weight Watchers although I have not been following it recently. I need to though - just for health reasons! For now on, I am going to FORCE myself to get back onto WW. I am going to start back on Wednesday because that's when my week starts off. Tomorrow, I will go grocery shopping and gather all the healthy goodness that I can find.

In addition, when I am done with this post, I am going to get my lazy arse up to clean up the kitchen and the dishes! Who lives like this?!?!


A Disgruntled and Messy Graduate Student