My Day: Random Tidbits


Brrrr - it is getting cold outside! Remember how I got that new coat? Well, I love it - don't get me wrong - but it's just not warm enough! So, I have gone back to the same, blah, coat that I've been wearing for the past 3 years. My friend's think it's cute, but I wish I had something different. I never have good luck with warm coats that are cute too. I was thinking to go search for one at some point when I'm motivated. Retail therapy this weekend anyone?

Today, I got to Baltimore and I had meetings allllllll day. So many meetings that I literally did not eat my lunch and soon, I looked at my clock and it was the end of the day! Whaaaaat? So obviously, I was hungry. I drove back home and on the way, I mailed out my giveaway prize to Miss Dana. Hopefully it will get to her soon. Then, I went grocery shopping (yes, while I was hungry... bad, bad choice!). I went to Safeway and while I was in the produce section, I heard thunder. Then, I looked over to the produce and I heard thunder again... THEN... it rained on the produce! Now, I'm not naive - I know that they water the produce but THUNDER? Really? Is that necessary? Well, I guess kids would love it!

Once I was done shopping, I came home and Pink Cupcake's giveaway package was waiting for me! I am such a lucky girl - everything is exactly how she described and my favorite thing is the cinnamon coaster! It really does smell like cinnamon - ahhh....

Currently, I am doing laundry and trying to do some home-things that have built up in the past couple weeks (clean, laundry, pluck my eyebrows, clean my rat cage, etc).

Thurston aka Thirsty during a summer-time photoshoot

My plans for the weekend:
- Friday night: A Pampered Chef party that my friend S is holding... has anyone been to one of these? Any advice on what to buy? I was thinking about getting a small knife set...
- Saturday night: A Thanksgiving Potluck Party party!
- Plan a trip to Pittsburgh (next weekend) and Boston (in February)... more later :-)

I am super excited for this weekend because I have not been very social in the past month because of school! I hope you all had a fantastic day :-)