The Wearing Mascara Kitchen

Hello and happy Wednesday-Before-Thanksgiving!

This is the Baking Diary straight from Wearing Mascara's Kitchen! Woo-hoo!

Okay, really... my Baking Diary really isn't that exciting. I am not as good as a baker as some people (Lacey) are, but I am trying! First, I made a simple pumpkin pie recipe and in true Wearing Mascara fashion, I messed it up - twice!

1. When I was putting the pie in the oven, I spilled some of the mixture out of the pan and onto the floor!
2. While it was cooking, part of the crust got burned.

Here it is anyways (hopefully it's good!):

notice the burnt crust

Next, I decided to make a Low-Cal Banana Bread (I had 3 ripened banana's lying around and did not want to waste them!). This bread actually turned out pretty well, although, looks can be deceiving:

I made several substitutions in order to make it low-cal and took ideas from different recipes. I am not going to post this recipe until I try the bread and know that it's good. Until tomorrow, it will remain a mystery.

That's all for today, folks! I am off to spend the holiday with Dan and his family. I am not going home this year because I have way too much school work and a 5-hour drive just isn't going to cut it for me. I will see my family soon though! :-) I miss them terribly and no one makes a Thanksgiving meal like my mother! Everything she makes is amazing!