Dr. Q and Matt and Nat

Hello loves,

Since my recent posts have been so ubber-depressing, I thought I need to add something super-fun! I just read me some Purse Blog Savy and they talked about some interesting finds...

First is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q bag in NAVY BLUE:

There are so many people that this bag is perfect for. My friend M would love this... she owns a Faridah in Navy Blue and I think Kate from Nautical by Nature would like this too (not sure why... I just feel like she would... maybe because of the Navy? Kate, correct me if I am wrong!). Also, I would LOVE THIS too obviously! I think the best part is the silver metal. It's beautiful.

The next find is the Matt and Nat Japanese Paper Sade Clutch:

If I was really rich, I would buy this for Brandi for the holiday's because it's VEGAN leather and I think the color is perfect for her! :-)