Green or Purple... Green or Purple...

**WARNING: In following post, Julie may be obsessing over a really stupid thing so please just let her vent**


Since my shopping extravaganza this weekend, I have been obsessing way too much over this one item that I purchased. I bought it from Nordstrom's. It is a BEAUTIFUL green striped no-closure cardigan. I am obsessing because I wish I would have gotten it in a different color. It also came in this beautiful purple and at the time, I thought green was best. However, when I got home, I realized that I have way too much GREEN in my wardrobe! Aka... I have green zip-ups, green sweaters, a green PURSE... you name it! Purple would have been such a better choice!

I know what you're thinking... why don't I just take it back and exchange it for the purple? Well folks, it was on sale. I really don't think I'll be able to find it in the BEAUTIFUL purple again. Maybe I should call Nordstrom's and see if they have it? I guess I am just afraid of disappointment. I can't even find the dang shirt on their website! Oh well... hopefully someday, I will find an amazing purple cardigan that makes me smile as brightly as that one did. For now, I will live with the green.



P.S. I may call Nordy's on a whim and see if they have it. WISH ME LUCK! :-)

**UPDATE! I just called and THEY HAVE IT IN PURPLE and they are putting it on hold for me until FRIDAY! I LOVE NORDSTROM'S! If that's not customer service, I don't know what is!**

**UPDATE #2! Now, my dilemma is to whether to keep BOTH the green and purple... OR sell the green one on eBay? Hmm... Okay, I promise I am completely done with the updates!**