Spencer vs. Ken


I just got back from Baltimore and you know what the first thing I do is?

I grab my pretzals amd French Onion dip. Ugh. This is what happens on days like today. I know I have TONS of stuff to do for school and I'm hungry and tired. When combined, these three things do more harm than good and I am sitting here munching down.

(Yes, I realize the chick in the picture is not eating pretzels, but you get the point right?)

I think I may take a 1-2 hour nap before I get started on work because if I am this exhausted, then I obviously won't focus enough to get anything done.

In other news, did anyone watch the Hills last night? I did (although, I hate to admit it!) and Heidi is an idiot. A serious IDIOT. WHO drinks at work? Then Spencer is even worse... ugh, it just goes to show you how much of that show is staged because I really do not think that anyone in their right mind would stay with him. He's not even that good looking! He looks like a deranged Ken Barbie.

Spencer Pratt:

Deranged Ken Barbie:

See a resemblance? Actually, Ken is cuter, dontchathink? I am sorry for having the most uninteresting post today. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be better. Also, don't forget about my giveaway! You have until Wednesday at midnight to enter!

Wish me luck with all my school work... I can use any help that I can get! :-/