My boyfriend, Dan, is very quirky like me, but that's why I love him! Anyways, he is known for always saying "meh" when asked a variety of different questions.

Example 1

Me: How are you?

Dan: Meh.

Example 2

Me: What's new?

Dan: Meh.

Example 3

Me: What's the weather like?

Dan: Meh.

Example 4

Me: Would you like ketchup or mustard with dinner?

Dan: Meh.

I think you get the point. That word (in my opinion) could be kind of annoying because I did not know what it means... until now. I just went onto Digg and found out that "meh" is now added to the dictionary! According to the article I found from the Chicago Tribune, "meh" has been added to the Collins English Dictionary and it means "indifference or boredom". I guess Homer Simpson made it popular in 2001 on the Simpson's. Interesting.

Okay, Dan. You win and now have the right to say that word without strange looks from yours truly.