Bare Escentuals Prime Time Has Saved Me!

Hello Fabulous People,
As you all know, I love makeup and I'm a huge Bare Escentuals fan. The reason I am so in love with the brand is because it makes me break out less, it's easy to use, and feels light on my skin. I did have ONE gripe about their foundation though: It sometimes does not stay put during the day.

When I went home to Ohio, my sister M and I went on a long walk and the topic of makeup came up which led to Bare Escentuals. She told me that she bought the Bare Escentuals Prime Time for her face and can't decide if she liked it or not. The next day, I decided to try it for myself! I borrowed her bottle, put it on, then my makeup, and went to go shopping.

When I got back from shopping (remember, I got sick that day), I felt that my Bare Escentuals stayed on very well! I felt like I put it on recently rather than that morning. I immediately invested in this stuff and haven't looked back since. It goes right into my morning ritual right after face moisturizer and it takes like 2 seconds to dry so my morning routine still only takes 20 minutes.

I HIGHLY recommend you buy this primer. It's $21 which isn't bad considering you only need one pump and it even says in the directions that a lot goes a long way.

Does anyone else use this? I hope you enjoy!