Hi all!
The lovely Pink Cupcake tagged me to list my favorites! Thank you for thinking of me PC :-)

Clothes shop:

This is a toughie because I have many "go-to" stores for different things.

For jeans: The Buckle (not located everywhere... check out there website to see if they are near you!) They have an amazing selection of jeans!

For shoes: I really love Naturalizer and I only recently discovered it. Before, I thought they did not have cute styles or that they were for "old ladies" but I realized that they have really cute styles! It's perfect for me because it's really difficult for me to wear heels comfortably. It stinks because I love heels and I think they are fabulous! If I could, I'd wear shoes from Aldo, but they are never comfortable!

Favorite clothes store: Express because whenever I can't find anything at other stores, I can always find something at Express!

Furniture Shop:

Call me old fashioned, but I love estate sales. My mom and I used to go every Saturday morning to find "treasures". If we found an amazing piece of furniture, we would fix it up like new!


Pittsburgh, PA - where I was born! The people there have so much soul and pride for their city. I just love it there. It was also voted as one of the best places to drive!


Anything gummy or really sugary (gummy bears, lolly pops, etc) or chocolate cookie cake (below is Dan's birthday cookie cake for his birthday this summer! YUM!)


Diet 7up, Hefervisen Beer (from a brewery), Water




Reality shows (The Hills, Project Runway), Gossip Girl, The L Word, among others


Running - especially when I'm in training for a race!


Oh dear.. Um... anything really sugary and chocolaty! I do prefer salty over sweet though so if I was at, let's say, Panera, I would order an everything or a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese!


From Starbucks, I always order a tall vanilla or cinnamon "skinny" latte... "In season" I LOVE the Pumpkin Spice latte... Typically though, I make my own coffee using fat free vanilla Coffee Mate and some cinnamon (Starbucks is expensive!)

I'm gonna tag: steak&cakes and Perks of Being a JAP because they are both awesome bloggers and I want to see what their favorites are!