Pumpkin CONTEST! Vote please! :-)

Hiiii all!

In honor of Halloween right around the corner... I have a pumpkin contest for you!

My roommate has her little sister (13 year old) visiting from Texas this weekend. They just carved a pumpkin each and it's up to YOU to decide which pumpkin is the BEST! To be fair, they are labeled 1 and 2. PLEASE vote by commenting 1 or 2 as to which is your favorite!

I am rooting for her sister, but don't tell my roommate! Hahahahaha! We'll see who won! I will tally the votes on Friday (the 24th) at midnight.

We're all very excited to get your opinions so please vote! :-)

Pumpkin 1:

Pumpkin 2:

I can't wait to tally the votes! :-)