New Background and Three Columns!

Hello everyone!

Well... (looking around expectantly)... whatdoyathink?!?! Do you like my background? The THREE COLUMNS? I am so excited about it! Do you like the colors I picked for the font? Green and Purple tend to be my favorite colors so that's why I picked them. Also, I think they go together well (opposites on color wheel!).

For this new change, I really have to thank you all for your words of encouragement. I think I'll keep it for now but I may still change my title.

If you are a new blogger or someone who just wants a change, the best website is: The Cutest Blog on the Block!

I do also need to thank Hello-Darling because her blog design inspired me and I found the Cutest Blog through her blog! Thanks HD! :-)

Wow, this makes me so happy! I hope you all like and please give me any comments or feedback!

lots o' love