Tidbits as of Lately


Okay I know I've been MIA lately BUT, I have been keeping up on my blog readings - I promise! I've been INCREDIBLY busy with school and other things. I just wanted to share some highlights of what I've been up to recently:

Last Saturday night, I went to a beast cancer benefit thrown by a friends sorority. It was really a blast! There were a ton of vender's selling makeup, hair supplies/hair consultations, jewelry, and food - the best part is that all or most of the proceeds went to breast cancer research! The first 20 people got these free makeup bags that had a ton of full-sized goodies like Mary Kay lotion and Clinique eye shadow.

"Babes for a Cure"

TONS of jewelry to be sold!

This amazing cake was donated by a local bakery.

I thought this was funny and clever!

Also this weekend, Dan stayed over. In the morning, we went for a bike ride and had an excellent time. However, when we got back, his car looked like this:

Somebody slammed into it and did not leave a note. I just don't understand people these days. Why won't they just own up for mistakes? Poor Dan :-(

In other news, I went shopping Monday night (even though I was SUPER stressed and had too much work to do... maybe this was a coping mechanism?) and bought some very cute and unique nail polish from OPI:

The darker is a "You Don't Know Jacques" and the bluish green is "Hey! Get in Lime!"

Maaaaan if I could, I would:

- create my own nail polish color
- name it something creative - how cool would that be??

I hope everyone's Wednesday was great! Talk to you soon.