My Week and My Crooked Nose

Hi everyone!

I am still not 100% well but I want to post anyways.

This past week has been amazing and awful at the same time. On Friday, I drove to Ohio to visit my family and it was amazing up until Sunday when I got sick. I think it was a combination of me not feeling well for the past two weeks and when I go to Ohio (or have any weather/environment change) my allergies act up. When my allergies act up, I can get sick - which is what happened. It might have been sinuses or just an out of control cold... I'm not too sure. I also had a fever too which wasn't good. I think the WORST part was not being able to hold my nephew as much as I wanted. I pretty much avoided him Sunday and Monday while I was sick which did not make me happy. I ended up missing this whole week of classes and practicum except for today. I made myself go to class this morning but decided that going to work also was too much. Ugh. I hate missing class!

Here are the highlights of my week...

Last Friday:

I made it to Ohio in one piece and ended up going out with my awesome friend E because I haven't seen her in what feels like forever! We went out with her cousins and other friends and had a blast. The highlight of my night was when E put on her CHANEL lip gloss and told me that she didn't like the color (for her) and gave it to me because it looked better. It was barely used! Here's E posing with the lip gloss:

So that totally made my night because it's an AMAZING COLOR (Chanel Big Bang 109) and (I think) looks fab with my dark hair :-) Yay.

Last Saturday:

Saturday I just hung out all day with M and N (my sister and bro-in-law) and nursed my hangover from the night before (NOT MY INTENTION AND I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS! AH).

For dinner, my mom's neighborhood had a clam bake. I don't like clams, but I went anyways for all the other food they had (hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, clam chowder, etc) and it was fab! I love hanging out with Mom, M and N, and Liam (my nephew!). He was adorable and happy the whole time and it was cute because they gave him a hat to wear to keep himself warm!

Last Sunday:

This was the day I became sick, but I did have plans to go to the Cheesecake Factory with my guy friend S. It was great to see him! He is living in Cleveland now and he has been my friend since high school. Oh and lunch at CF is always a thrill!

After lunch, I planned to go shopping so I did. I decided to buy some AMAZING sunglasses for myself because, frankly, I was sick of cheap-o sunglasses that break all the time. So, I invested in these:

They are Marc by Marc Jacobs ladies :-) I love them. The only thing is that I think my face is lop-sided. I brought them to class today and my Brandi told me that I may have a crooked nose. Does anyone else have this problem that it's hard to wear sunglasses? Eek! I love them and I will wear them anyways because I think I have the problem no matter what I buy.

Once I was almost done shopping, I realized that my heart wasn't into it. Why you may ask? Because it was obvious that I was becoming ill. So, I went home and really, the week was a blur until Wednesday when I drove home. I did have dinner with M and N, Liam and my dad on Monday which was nice. We ordered Chinese but I obviously wasn't good company. I needed to see my dad though! I never get to see him.

So, now I am back in my apartment sulking. I hope that I feel 100% soon enough! Thank you all for the kind words of getting well. I appreciate it and am really loving the blogging world.