It's Not Fall, It's Renaissance Season!

Hello lovely readers,

I'm still not 100% YET but that didn't stop me from going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend! Dan and I went and met up with some friends. The Renn Fest never ceases to impress me and this year we decided to dress up! I wore a long black lacy skirt (thank you to my roommate M for letting me borrow it!) and a red and black CORSET! OMG ladies... at first it felt good putting it on.. very feminine and well, hot (the "girls" were pretty happy). After awhile though, it just hurt! It was hard to sit down and watch shows... I mostly wanted to be standing up. Oh and the one of the BEST parts about the renn fest is the food. Wearing a corset + wanting to eat a lot of food = being uncomfortable.

Next year, I think I won't dress up... or dress up without a corset. Here are some highlights of the festival (sorry for the poor camera quality... I used my iPhone.):

Knife store

One of the performers... hilarious! And yes, that is a carrot in his mug.

They have so many cool shops! I loved these baskets.

I bought a pickle for a dollar. AMAZINGLY YUMMY :-)

These were just creepy. I thought you'd get a kick out of them like I did!

These are the necklaces I bought. The first one I bought was the flower one. It was the last one left at this cute jewelry shop and the woman designed it herself. The second is a dragonfly necklace and I LOVE dragonflies!

This is the flower hat I wore. I bought it last year so it's a little run-down but it worked again for this year :-) I almost bought a new one but I was running out of money!

All in all, it was a great day! You should check it out if you have one close to you. The Girls Next Door loved it too:

I hope everyone's Sunday is going well. Talk to you soon!