Completely Enraged


I just need to vent because I just saw something horrible driving home from DC today. Basically, I saw an adult male beating up his child as a woman held another child close (probably to protect them?). It was the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever seen! Now, I am not an idiot - I know that child abuse happens but it's SO difficult to see it take place in front of your eyes. The man was beating the kid against a fence. BEATING HIM. SHOVING HIM with so much force. I saw a police officer nearby (in passing) and slowed down to tell him that an adult male was abusing his child just around the corner. The officer took it pretty seriously (thank goodness!) and went to look for them.

After I told the cop, I started balling my eyes out. I called my mom and Dan and told them what I saw.

I just really, really hope that those children are safe tonight.

Thanks for listening,