Vote Nicely

Hi everyone!

I have a beef to pick - but do NOT worry because it's not with you or my typical readers. It's the fact that, as a McCain supporter, I do not feel comfortable telling people my political views anymore. So much so that I'm afraid I'll get stepped on by the people in my real life. I have yet to meet anyone in my academic department who is supporting McCain... therefore, I am choosing just not to say anything about it. I would prefer no talks or no discussion. In fact, when I ask someone "who are you voting for?" or they ask me who I am voting for, I simply add a disclaimer (IF I decide to tell them). My disclaimer is: "Well, I will tell you, but I do not want any debates about it." This does not mean that I am weak or I really don't know my politics. It simply means that I do not have the time right now to debate with you AND I am not a good debater. There have been many times in the past few weeks that I have felt victimized by the fact that I am voting the way I am. One time, I even had a girl yell at me for an hour about why I should vote for Obama... EVEN though, I never told her who I was voting for! For all she knew, I could have been voting for him. Oh, and recently, my mom (who lives in Ohio) told me that her Republican signs were stolen from her front yard. I'm sorry, but whatever happened to freedom of speech? I am just sick of it. I just wish that we would all respect each others opinions. I more just want to advocate for VOTING in general... You just need to VOTE... let's not debate about who is better (unless we're in the blogging world - blog away your opinions because they are interesting and it's the readers choice to read them!).