Makeup that Gives Back: My Pink Post

Hi bloggers near and far!

We all know that I do not like the color pink. I KNOW I'm sorry all you pink people of the world! I actually have more of a preference for purple and green, however, the one time of the year I really LOVE pink is October.
It's breast cancer awareness month. Really, we should not be thinking about giving back ONLY in the month of October. However in lieu of this awareness month, it's important to know simple ways you can give back and I wanted to put my mark on it by discussing makeup (my favorite topic!). Here is some fabulous makeup from Sephora that will donate some of the proceeds to breast cancer research:
Smashbox Power Eye and Lip Kit
This amazingly portable (and cute!) lip and eye kit will wow everyone around you. It has three sets of in-trend colors with a double sided brush. You can buy this at Sephora for $46.
Breast Cancer Awareness Pocket Brush Set
I saw this and almost freaked out - how adorable?!?! AND it's pocket sized?!?! Seriously people, do not pass this up for only $15!
Tweezerman Breast Cancer Awareness Slant Tweezer
I own one of these and I completely and utterly recommend them. They have saved my eyebrows from total destruction and if you need tweezers, buy these! Do it! They are completely worth it for $20.
Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Guava Passion Body Wash
All I gotta say to this product is "Ahhhhhh, mmmmm"... I've used it before. I got it as a free sample and it's simply amazing. You seriously will be a better person after showering with it! It's only $6!
These products are just some of the ones I highlighted because I think they are great. There are tons more to choose from here from Sephora. I hope you enjoy these!