An Amazing Superbowl and a Hilarious Video!


...in case you haven't heard.

I am so happy and my voice is shot from an amazing night with friends! G and K invited us over to their apartment for food, drinks, a nice TV, and friendship. They truly know how to entertain - I love going over there!

At the beginning of the night, everyone intermixed on the sofa/floor in front of the TV. Sooner or later, it was evident who the AZ fans were and who was rooting for PA. Towards the end, we were separated and supporting each other. Tons of screaming and clapping happened throughout the whole game!

Around half-time, my friend M and I decided to take a picture. We wanted to do a "pyramid" shot, but decided against it. We decided that a "tigress" shot would do. Our friend S took picture after picture until finally J, interrupted and asked to be the photographer. Whatever works, right? So we posed... and posed... until finally... well... how about you see his VIDEO before I try and explain (Oh and please take note of M's snort towards the end):

Damn you J! Haha... it was funny anyways! We never did get a "blog worthy" shot, but this one was pretty cute:

Here are the Steeler fans minus K in the middle there with her thumbs down. Oh well, it's her house, right? :-) Notice my friend SNS with his black shirt and yellow button-up underneath. Snazzy right?

My heart is still pumping hard from this unbelievable game! Also, in case you aren't interested in the Superbowl and watch for the commercials, this link is for you.

Steeler Nation Forever!