My Morning

Yesterday, I got notified that I had an int*rpreting job for today and as usual, they sent me the address of a government building (there's only one of them) in SE DC. Last night, I went onto the metro trip planner website to figure out my metro plans for today. The website did not recognize the address (said it didn't exist) but suggested that it was in NW and not SE. The building I was going to is very well known building in DC so therefore, I suspected that the metro website would know and that my agency made a mistake (which is normal). To be sure, I checked Google Maps and they said the specific office/building was in NW as well so I went along with that. Reliable resources right?

Wrong. I ended up walking around NW looking for this government building in my heels...

...for 30 minutes until finally I asked a cross guard where this building was. I told her I was directed to NW by Google Maps and she said that the metro website AND Google Maps have the address wrong. I was furious but I couldn't decide who I was furious at. Google Maps and the metro website I suppose because they didn't recognize the damn address and have the wrong address for this government building! I talked to the meeting coordinators of my job and explained the situation. Luckily they were extremely understanding and it turned out that the meeting was started at 10 am instead of 8:30 am. Yes! So I proceeded to get back on the metro...

...and finally ended up to where I was supposed to be. Thank goodness. By this point, I was frigid and thinking about the blog post I would write regarding this experience. The job went well (even though I was completely scatterbrained by the time I arrived) and I left around 12:30. I thought it was all smooth from there but that was until I walked up to my car. I proceeded to trip over my heels and almost made a nose dive into the concrete. I saved myself but it was utterly awkward because the way I saved myself was so incredibly dramatic. Behind me was this army soldier woman walking in her uniform and she made a face like she wanted to laugh. I mumbled something stupid like "Oh my, that would have been bad if I fell!" I felt like a complete moron.

When I saw my car, it was like a mirage - it couldn't be real. Then, I turned on the ignition and it was! Now, I'm back home all curled up in a blanket watching Ellen.

That was my morning - I hope yours was better. What is it with DC transportation?



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