Woah, Shiny Legs

Hey everyone!

Boy, I am wiped out! I spent the whole day in Philadelphia in a 5-hour interview for a possible internship placement. It went pretty well although I found myself stumped on some questions - but it's a learning experience right? I probably being too hard on myself which isn't uncommon. As soon as I was dismissed, I rushed around Philadelphia to find a cheesesteak and a soft pretzel. When I bought a cheesesteak, I was surprisingly disappointed. I ordered the kind with cheese whiz (ya I know - so healthy!) and it seemed like they didn't put any on. This made me sad but my mood brightened when I bought a soft pretzel:

from the Philly Pretzel Factory. It was delicious and literally melted in my mouth - a great end to a productive day in Philly! Next time, I'm going to try their cinnamon flavor.

Are you guys all caught up with the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident? If not, read this for updated information - it's all still vague. I hope Ri is okay!

In other news, last night I caught an episode of Jay Leno because he interviewed Heidi and Spencer Pratt. I just had to see this considering Jay always makes fun of them and they are ridiculous. The interview was superficial (of course), but it was hard to focus on nothing but Heidi's LEGS. They were SHINY. BARBIE DOLL SHINY. Did anyone see this? Did she pour vegetable oil all over her legs before her interview? Yikes. If you missed it, catch it here:

Okay loves, I'm off to go burn my cheesesteak and pretzel calories by running. Make sure to check out Good Gals, Inc today because her product was on the Today Show today - so amazing and inspiring!