Swing Dance Drama

Seriously, I love to dance. I really do and sometimes, I actually think I'm pretty good.


Ever since I started Swing Dance classes at Dan's local gym, I'm starting to think otherwise. Gone is the time where I could dance freely and shake my booty as a freshman in college. Now, I have to follow steps. Steps of which I am oblivious to and know that the phrase "two left feet" applies to me completely.

I don't like to complain, but I must. The dance class is fun but there is a high girl to guy ratio. This means that there aren't enough "leads" aka guys. Dan is a guy and I am a girl (in case you forgot) and this means that I am a "follower" and Dan is a "lead". This also means that the class forces us to not dance together constantly. Instead of keeping your boyfriend you have to rotate the guys instead which is annoying because Dan is such a good dancer! If I could stay with him, I would be phenomenal. Instead, I get to be all "jealous girlfriend" and watch him dance with all these other girls. I'm not really jealous - just more jealous about the fact that they get to learn from him and I should be able to because he came with me! In addition, I am alone probably for more than half the class and dance with my arms in the air like a deranged barbie doll (since there are not enough guys). Grrr...

Okay, enough bitching. Have a good Saturday night! The "lead" is coming over and we're going to watch a movie.