Quick Cell Phone Etiquette Vent

I'm not even sure if "etiquette" is spelled correctly but I just
landed in Philedelphia and there is a man directly across the aisle
from Brandi and I who is so annoying! Before lift off, this dude was
on his phone (talking LOUDLY) all the way up until we physically took
off. We were trying to get some reading done and it just wasn't
happening with this dude yapping next to us. Then once we were in air,
he had to be reminded TWICE to put his seatbelt on. Who does he think
he is? Anyways right now he yapping yet again as we just landed. He
was talking so loud that we couldn't hear what the captain was saying.

Seriously I understand the right to be on your phone but come on!
Sometimes everyone around you just wants peace and quiet. I cannot
stand people like that.

Okay we are finally parking at the terminal. Mr. Yap-Face is still
chatting away. Ttyl,