Sweet Sensation Award: My Nominee

Hello everyone!

I just came across The Reality of Happily Ever After and she is having a very cool award going on. Basically, you have to nominate a fellow blogger that:

...exudes kindness, support of other bloggers and spreads their sweetness like wildfire. While appealing to their audience, they are honest, sincere and stay true their authentic self. Their blog not only entertains, it also offers resources to help people excel in their lives such as using their blog to promote charities, spread the word about bloggers who want to become more well known and doing surprisingly kind things for no reason other than to 'pay it forward' --
This blogger is without a doubt an all around Sweet Sensation.

I thought about this and decided to nominate Landlocked Mermaid because to me, she IS the definition above. I met her this weekend and she is such a doll and is very true to herself. Every time I read her blog I am inspired and I leave feeling happy. She has such positive energy that she not only exerts from her blog but also in real life.

Fellow readers, if you have not visited her blog go now. You will be in for a treat! Please nominate her as well so she can win the lovely prizes! Go Mermaid! :-)