DC Blogger Meet-Up: Quick Recap

Hello loves!

I am frigid cold right now because I just got back from the DC Blogger meet-up and DC is cold (note to myself: wear Uggs next time). Anyways, here's a quick recap:

At 5:00, we all met up at Ella's Pizza in Chinatown. Typically, I am a "late person" but I was there too early so I sat alone at the bar drinking some red wine until others showed up (yes, I was "that girl"). Sooner or later, random girls-looking-confused and also some-girls-that-I-kinda-recognized-from-their-blogs came in one-by-one. Finally, we had a group of about 14 girls! It was really incredible seeing their faces and talking to them. It was like we were all old friends having a get together! I would list all of them, but since I just met some tonight I don't want to risk missing someone! I'll leave that to Kate. I will tell you that the lovely Jennifer from Life In the Cove and the president of Calista Cove was there and held a fantastic giveaway which included body products and accessories. I didn't win (grr) but she did give us fantastic coupons - she is such a sweetheart! Thanks Jennifer!

After the "official" meet-up, some ladies had to go home to tend to their younger ones. Some of us decided to hit up Zola for some drinks and chit-chat. This place was amazingly trendy and the bathroom was no exception! It had a REVOLVING DOOR and red lights inside. We were all amazed!

The bottom line: I had a GREAT time and I can't wait to see them again as real life friends. The blogosphere has given us a gift in making connections. Thank you ladies!