Oh Post, Where Art Thou?

Hey everyone!

This morning, I wrote a post while I was drinking Starbucks but
somehow it didn't show up nor is there even a record of it in my
phone. What gives?

Ugh. So I'm going to attempt to capture its essence in this post:

We arrived to Boston yesterday and luckily it was a smooth trip. The
only sucky part was that we had to pay to have our bags checked on US
Airways. Not cool!

When we go to the hotel, we checked in and checked into the conference
and received a variety of materials which include the conference
manual and the choices are overwhelming! The book reminds me of a
college course schedule book. Either way, I'm happy we have so many

Today I woke up at 6 am and ran for 45 minutes on the hotel treadmill.
It was a great run! Since then I've been attendings tons of meetings
and networking with professionals in my field. Conferences like this
really inspire me. I feel that we can really become change agents if
the motivation is there. Tonight I'm going to attend more activities
and go to dinner with my classmates.

I love Boston btw! Our hotel is fabulous and the view is spectacular.
One thing I loved about waking up so early was that I caught the
sunrise. Wow. It made my morning. Also what's interesting about our
hotel and the conference is that it's near a mall with really high-end
stores that I rarely see on a regular basis being the broke student
that I am. Examples include: Dior, Louis Vutton, and Jimmy Choo. To
attend the workshops I have no choice but to walk by these stores
several times daily! Oh dear!

Well I gotta run because I have a workshop to attend to. Have a great
day and I'll continue to mobile post when I can (I didn't bring my
computer so I'm posting from my iPhone).

I'm crossing my fingers that this post goes through! :-)