Muppets Having Sex Plus Extras

Hello loves,

This weekend was the kind of weekend I'd like to rewind, stop, and play again. From Friday night to Sunday evening it was awesome. Maybe it's because I have a fantastic boyfriend with a red beard? Possibly yes. Friday night we saw Avenue Q at the Warner Theater in DC and met up with my cousin Alyse and her bf (they're an adorable couple).

That's us right before the show started. Avenue Q was hilarious because we saw muppets having sex, cursing, and talking about life in a strange but very weird way. If you don't understand, download "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" from the soundtrack. You'll thank me later. It's also important to mention that Dan and I went to McDonalds after the performance. Typically, I hate McDonalds, but I was craving it like woah so I got nuggets, a cheeseburger, and fries all for $3. Gotta love it.

Saturday, Dan and I lazily awoke in a happy Valentine's Day daze. It's definitely something about the day dedicated to lovin' that put him and I in the mood for a lovey dovey holiday. I know many of us perceive V-day as a Hallmark holiday (and I typically agree) but considering he and I had a rockin' time and just spend $20 each (our broke-ass limit) I know there is more to it than that. That night (after my run - thanks for the comments btw, my run today was awesome with no "mishaps"), Dan cooked me fajitas. He said he didn't do anything other than add taco seasoning, but they were incredible. He is a better cook than I am and it's hard for me to admit! We also exchanged our $20 presents. I got him a T-Shirt with the word "Meh" on it. For the back story on this, see this post.

Funny right? I found it on Think Geek. My gift didn't match Dan's gift to me. He got me my VERY OWN DRAWER in his closet complete with ribbon! Confused? Here ya go:

See the ribbon? That's MY drawer now - muhahahaha! He also got me some goodies to put inside the drawer:

The drawer included: 2 pairs of guy boxers (love to wear them at his house!), my favorite body lotion (Jergen's Cherry Almond Scent), a red Nalgene bottle, 2 candy bottles (yum!), 2 scarves (a black one - since I lost my other black one - and a white pretty one), and Puma socks! Pretty awesome - now I'm all prepared to stay at Dan's house.

Today, I saw Shopaholic with my girl friends. The movie was good but not as good as I hoped. I read (well, "listened" to some of the books as an audiobook) and I guess I was hoping for more. But you can never compare a movie to a book right? After the movie, we went to California Pizza Kitchen and I got the Thai Chicken Pizza which was amazing and I have leftovers for tomorrow - yum!

In other news, I made a Twitter friend named ForeverApril awhile back and on Saturday night she launched her website: Glimmer. Gloss. Glow. It's incredible! On the website you'll find video makeup tips, advice, product reviews, and giveaways! Please go check it out and support her website. You won't be let down - it has the Wearing Mascara seal of approval ;-)

Speaking of websites, I am still working on my redesign which should be up and running soon. We're still figuring out the exact design (and I'm picky which is never helpful!).

Well readers, I'm off to bed. I'm zonked from this weekend! Don't forget to enter out my giveaway! It's super simple to enter and for a great brand.