My "Interesting" Run and a Question for Runners

Warning: TMI ahead

As most of you know, I'm training for the Cherry Blossom which is hilarious because I do not consider myself a runner.

Today, I started off my 42 minute run (1 minute walk, 6 minute run x 6) and I was feeling good. So good that I was creating this beautiful blog post in my head. Something like "today was the day I realized I could actually do this", etc etc. The run was good, don't get me wrong. There was just a "minor" mishap. I was about 2/3 finished when I really had to go to the bathroom. Like really, really, bad. It wasn't just running gas... it was something else. Something I don't want to mention on this post. Anyways, I tried to run it out and let it go but I just couldn't! It got so bad that I couldn't run and instead had to walk back to Dan's house as quickly as possible.

Question for all you runners: Are there foods to avoid before a run? Here's what I had this morning/afternoon:

2 eggs
2 pieces of toast
1 glass of milk (I'm thinking it could have been this. I don't drink milk often although I know I should so maybe my body was surprised?)

Sorry for the TMI post on Valentine's Day.