Facebook Stalker: Ex-BF Edition

I am a Facebook stalker and I am not afraid to admit it. That's probably why I'm into blogging eh?

I recently noticed that my ex-boyfriend... let's call him Butthole... broke up with his girlfriend. We'll call her Buttlette. At first, I had thoughts of "aww that sucks" because it does, right? I figured they would be dealing with break-up issues, etc and while I can't stand Butthole, he is still human.

Let me back up. When Butthole and I broke up after a 20-month relationship, I was devestated (now, I'm relieved - thank GOD I'm not with him!) because I thought he was cheating on me with a girl he worked with. I never actually found out if he was cheating, but he ended up dating that girl (Buttlette) a month after we broke up. Throughout the time they were dating, I noticed (through facebook) that this other girl kept writing on his wall and such. Honestly, I felt bad for Buttlette because I'm sure she could have been jealous of this girl who was writing on his wall (we'll call her Dicklette).

Butthole and Butlette dated for a long time (since we broke up which was uhh... can't remember but it was a long time ago) before they broke it off. Honestly, I chuckled a little but knew that Butthole could never be single for long and I was right. Guess who he is dating now? Dicklette! HA! I always knew something was going on with them from his Facebook wall. He is such a tool.

Wow, Facebook is better than celebrity gossip sometimes. I hope Buttlette is over Butthole because I'm sure she could do better. In fact, from the looks of comments on her wall she has a date for tomorrow night. Go Buttlette!

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