My Night Ended In a GIVEAWAY for YOU!

Awhile back, I was invited to a BOCA DC Blogger Spa Night (for free!) thanks to Maxie. Only 20 people were invited and to be honest, I didn't know why I was invited! How am I special? I just did not feel worthy until Maxie got in touch with me asking if I replied to the invite. I decided to go only knowing one person: Maxie through blogging.
Yesterday was a looong day and after a very long ass class, I ended up in NW DC trying to find the Nusta Spa where the event was located. Finally, I found the place and when I walked in the doors, I just felt unworthy! The spa was beautiful and there tons of food and unlimited drinks from a bar. It was catered and of course had mini BOCA burgers as part of the feast. Here's a terrible iPhone picture of some of the food (my camera's battery was dead!):

Everyone was so nice and we socialized and chatted about whatever. Throughout the course of the event, we could get massages, meditate, or get a mani or a pedi (for FREE). I got a massage and woahhhhh my back is STILL in heaven. The masseuse (holy crap, I spelled that word on my first try!) was great and asked me how much pressure I wanted (tons!), etc. The chair massages were in the hallway near where the other girls were and honestly, the whole time I was scared that my pants were too low in the back and that my thong was popping out. Yes, that's what I thought about the whole time. Oh well, it still rocked.

It also must be said that the bathroom was amazing. So in true Wearing Mascara fashion, I took some iPhone pictures:

When the event was over, we left and went to a bar closeby. I wish I didn't have anything today because I would have stayed out with these awesome ladies I just met. I didn't mention this, but the bathroom had tampons galore... so Maxie stole some:

All in all it was a pretty sweet night that I felt totally unworthy for. The ladies at BOCA were incredible - so warm and friendly. At the end of the night, we could take 2 gift bags: One for me and One for YOU. What does that mean?

I'm hosting a BOCA giveaway! You could win this:

It includes many BOCA goodies including a Yoga mat and other ways for you to live better (it's pretty sweet!). How do you win? It's SIMPLE... just leave a comment on this post. In your comment you must have:

1. Your email
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You must have both 1 and 2 to enter! You have until Wednesday, February 18th at midnight to enter! Goooood luck and feel free to post about it on your blogs!