Weekend, Philly, and Michael Phelps

This weekend flew by mostly because I was having fun. Friday night, my friend S celebrated her birthday at Cafe Asia in Clarendon. This restaurant was perfect for many reasons:

1). The food was amazing. Per S's recommendation, I order the Pad Thai and it was so delicious. I guess it's one of their specialty's. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

2). Cafe Asia will accommodate anyone! We had a party of about 15 and apparently, they've accommodated about 40 before. They'll do anything.

3). The price is right. My Pad Thai was only $10 and I had leftovers for lunch the next day!

So, if you live in the DC area you must make a visit to Cafe Asia. Saturday, I already told you about my swinging moves so I'll skip that. That day, I also had a great run (50 degrees!) and then Dan and I watched Scrubs that night while drinking some Miller Lites. All in all - a great Saturday! Today was a lazy day which included a run, the Grammy's and chillaxin'.

This week will bring me an adventure because on Tuesday, I have an interview in Philly! I'm making a day trip and besides that, I have no other plans. I had to waste the trip on just a day, but I don't have a place to stay overnight so what will be will be. I plan to accomplish two very important things though:

1) Eat a cheesesteak
2) Buy (or eat if I'm not full from #1) a soft pretzel

Okay my time has come to go shower, lotion up, and get into bed (oh and read for school - eek!). Remember to visit Danielle's new website (see the post below). Before I leave you, please check out Seth Meyers take on the Michael Phelps incident. Hilarious!